23, January 2018

February Offer

Following the success of last years offer I am repeating it again this year!

Throughout February I will be offering complementary assessment clinics for groups of horses located on the same yard.

This will involve…  a full static and dynamic assessment – palpation of the horse’s muscles – discussion about tack and management along with advice unique to the individual – a chance to learn about anatomy and biomechanics whilst applying this to your horse as an individual.

 PLUS 10% discount off your first treatment if booked within 6 months of the assessment.

 Physiotherapy assessments can allow the owner, as the personal trainer, to understand a specific horse’s physical make-up and develop a work program to best suit an individual and support their body to achieve goals in their career.

These educational and informative clinics will be aimed at small groups of 3 or more horses. As with any treatment veterinary consent/permission is required and can be gained either by myself or the owner (please ask for a consent form for the vet to fill in).

 If you as an individual, a group of friends or a yard owner would be interested in this offer then please call or message me with your details.

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